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Gray and Purple Oval Sweetgrass Earrings

Gray and Purple Oval Sweetgrass Earrings

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These earrings are made with size 9 tricut, and size 11 japanese beads. They have rose gold and opal banding. They feature sweetgrass and have a resin abalone center. It has a little bow made out of hide at the bottom. It uses size 8 beads and bicones for the edging. It has a rose gold fingernail post. It is backed with magenta hide. It measures 2.45 X 3.15 inches. 

Please note that this is real sweetgrass and to handle with care as it can be fragile. I did want to mention that the colors of the sweetgrass may vary. This was my first time working with sweetgrass in my beadwork and it was a learning process and it may not look perfect and uniform.

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